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***This program is designed for people who are just starting out or are in moderate lifting shape.
I recommend lifting a couple weeks before starting this program just to build a base of strength***

Welcome to this gym routine. Over the years I have perfected this program to help myself lift serious weight and lift like the operators do. The goal with this program is not only to make you stronger and build muscle but to be able to move weight at a high volume of repetitions. I recommend you pair this with a diet that compliments what your goals are. If you have a home gym this can work for you as well. Cable exercises can be substituted out with banded versions. I highly recommend getting a few different bands to support your growth throughout the program.  If you don’t have a home gym, then you will need a fully functional gym.
The Lay Out
Day zero is your max day. You need to get a 3-rep max to set you up for the percentage weights throughout the weeks. How you attack this program is on you. 3 times a week, 5 times, or 7 days,
it’s up to you and how your schedule goes. The goal is to just be consistent with it. It takes 21 days to set a habit and 25,000 reps of something for it to become muscle memory, remember that. As you finish Day Zero, each day is laid out on the side with examples of the exercises so there is no doubt you are doing the right thing. Once you reach Day 50, which is your next max out day start over with the new 3 rep max weight.
Good Luck and remember to Train for Tomorrow’s War.


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