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I started selection prep out by basically being in tears on the last workout of the very first day. Now looking back, I could do that workout back to back and be fine. The first week was brutal but only because I wasn’t in the best shape. It’s very easy to get discouraged over bad performance. As the weeks went on I started seeing a huge change in my mental and physical ability. It still sucked but by the 2nd week I was at a 20:34 5k row, previously doing a 25min 5k row. Even though I still failed, I felt proud for actually getting close to the standard. Knowing that I was progressing was the best feeling. By the third week, a 30 min threshold run was easy after doing the workouts before. Whatever it was I was confident in being able to do. I no longer had that voice telling me I couldn’t. The first week I started out with a 43 min 5 mile run, I am now at a 36 min run. PT was a joke after the 4th week. Set your goals high. But remember it’s e of the process. You’re not going to achieve those times overnight. So starting selection prep with a 2 mile of 14 mins,pushups 67, 54 sit-ups, 5 mile of 43 min, and a 25 min 5k row time, and now finishing with a 12:44 2 mile, 94 pushups, 92 sit-ups, 36 min 5 mile, and a 19:48 5k row shows that the program works. Also, starting out at 152lbs and finishing out at 162lbs and a peak of 165 for most the programs show the weight isn’t a problem if you eat correctly. You only get the results depending on what effort you put in. BF Actual would make me do more of whatever I sucked on so obviously I did more sit-ups and pushups until I was passing the standard. Give it your all and it’ll show. Highly recommend selection prep to anyone going for any selection. Especially for people who suck at PT.



Selection prep was an absolute beast that definitely changed the way I look at workouts. Not only did my PST scores improve, but my mental stamina through workouts did as well.
My previous numbers before the plan were push ups: 79
Sit ups: 53
Pull ups:23
5 mile for time: 42 minutes

My numbers drastically jumped after doing selection prep, with my pushups and situps being in the high 80s on a BAD day. My pullups upped by 3. And my run time is down to 36 minutes.

This program will push you to your absolute limits. However, the pay off is worth it. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in by far. The programming is smart, and is structured in a way that keeps you interested and excited about each workout. Black Flag Nation did a hell of a job with this program, and I'd recommend it to anybody that is going into a selection process, or just wants to get in phenomenal shape.



///RUN IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM TESTIMONIAL\\\ Hey I just wanted to say thanks to you guys, I bought y’all’s running plan a while back before I went to ranger school and was super worried ab failing the 5 mile but went from running 37-39 minute 5 miles to sub 34 minute 5 miles. I also just got my tab a few days ago and don’t think I would’ve passed rap week without getting y’all’s plan.



///Strength and Muscle Endurance Program Testimonial\\\

There have been several programs I have tried over the course of a few years. I tend to always get burnt out on them and find myself searching for a new one. I have never seen gains and enjoyed hitting the gym like I have with Black Flag Nation Strength and Muscle Endurance Program. I started working out with 65-70 LB DB’s for the first week and by the end was using 100’s. My first set my Flat bench was 205 for 12 reps and by the final week it was at 245 for 12 reps. My shoulders, back, chest, and legs were the strongest they had ever been. If you want to see huge gains, this is for you. If you want to look forward to working out again and seeing huge gains this is for you. Not only is the programming great, but so are the guys behind it.



The ruck program is legit. Started light and worked my way up in weight and miles. Started off doing 25lbs for 6 miles now I’m able to do 85lbs for 6 miles at mid 16 min pace. Its usual that you ruck with 85lbs for a standard ruck March. That being said, in the beginning With a 50lbs ruck I could barely keep a 14 min pace. Now I’m able to do mid 12’s up to 8 miles with no hassle. I currently Don’t have a 12 mile time yet. But you can seriously feel a difference after the program is finished. You just have to understand that these are very demanding programs and you get what you put in to them. With all the work it requires you to do I never felt any problems with my knees. If you have proper recovery you should be good to go. The amount of rest days is perfect. My goal is to join the Army and End goal is to join the 75th Ranger Regiment.


//TESTIMONIAL from @edwin_j_figueroa // I started my prep for Ranger school about 8 months ago. My first RPA scores were. Push ups 60, Sit ups 82 and a 5 mile in 38 min. After doing the 8 weeks selection prep plan my scores skyrocketed to 88 push-ups 90 sit ups and 35 minute 5 mile. During RAP week all of the physical events were easy after this program. It really helps with physical stamina and mental strength. I was able to set personal records in my 5 mile and 12 mile ruck. My 5 mile time was 35:20 and my 12 mile ruck time coming in at 2hrs 25 min. I’ve made it through RTAC, RAP week and the first phase of Ranger school (Darby phase) I’ll now be moving on to mountains. My future plans are once I complete Ranger school I’ll be attending RASP. I’ll be using this selection prep again to physically and mentally prep for RASPs physical endeavors.

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